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AP Physics c - Mechanics Class


Failing the AP Physics Exam Changed My Life

by Neyla Downs

Why AP Classes are Worth it Even if Students Fail

by Tracy Epp

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The Enduring Power of Print for Learning in a Digital World

by Patricia Alexander and Lauren Trakhman

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OpenStax College Success

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Teacher to Parent

A Child Must be a Willing Participant in His Own Education

by Jodie Stallings

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Teacher to Parent

Dear Parents, Respect for Teachers Must be Taught at Home

-Bored Teachers


Greetings from Mr. Webber

   You can’t play a game if you don’t know the rules, and the more you know the rules the more you enjoy the game.  Physics is the study of nature’s “rules” – the rules and laws governing the universe in which you are a part.  So, to learn physics is to learn about ourselves and the arena of physical and natural laws that govern all aspects of our lives, from the atoms within our cells to the motions of galaxies and the energies in distant quasars!

  This course is college-level, and the rigors and expectations are synonymous with such.  You will be expected to do a minimum of one hour of addition work and study every night, more before tests, and you must keep up with the pace of the course.  But while the course is challenging, the rewards, satisfaction, and sense of achievement that comes from your hard work makes it all worthwhile.

   I am looking forward to a positive and exciting academic year!

Mr. Webber

Countdown to the AP Exam

Will you be ready?

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Teacher to Parent

Are Teachers Allowed to Think for Themselves?

by Steven M. Singer

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