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Dolly the Dalek

     Daleks have been the principal antagonists in the Doctor Who franchise since 1963.  Of all the aliens and creatures encountered, Daleks are the most notable because The Doctor, to save the Universe, eradicates both the entire civilization of Daleks AND his home world of Gallifrey itself.
     One of the most memorable moments in the run of Christopher Eccleston portraying the Ninth Doctor, and indeed of the entire Doctor Who series, is his discovery of one remaining Dalek and the realization that, by them both being the last of their kind, they are the same.  Some of the more memorable clips highlighting the struggle between morality and survival where the Daleks and Time Lords are concerned are offered below:
The First Doctor (William Hartnell) encounters the destructive species of the Daleks for the first time.  The Dead Planet, 1963.  BBC.
The Fourth Doctor (Tom Baker) questions whether he has the right to destroy the Daleks.  Genesis of the Daleks, 1975.  BBC.
The Ninth Doctor (Christopher Eccleston) meets the last Dalek, realizing that they are now the same.  Dalek, 2005.  BBC.
     Starlight Nights, and in particular Curator Desiree, is very proud to have a set-used gold Dalek, nicknamed "Dolly."  This prop has been fully restored and is even complete with the stool -- a seat the actor would sit on to control the Dalek from the inside.  Here are some pictures of the Dalek from our collection.
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