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Mr. Webber's honors Astronomy S/G:

Project CLEA

Project CLEA (Contemporary Laboratory Exercises in Astronomy) was developed by Gettysburg College to provide students with a simulated activity that mimics what an actual astronomer would do and provides experience with data analysis.  All data and simulations in CLEA labs are real and taken from actual observatories and/or probes.  To go to the Project Clea web page, click here.
You will have to download the *.zip file for each activity and install the exercise.  It is recommended that you make a dedicated folder to store all the files.  After unzipping the files and launching the installer, simply proceed through by clicking "Next" or "Enter," etc. -- you do not need to fill out any of the fields as this is going on your computer.  However, when prompted, click the selection that says you are the only user allowed access; if you make it available for all users, you may have administrator issues.
The links to the *.zip files are provided below, as well as the Student Manual for each activity.
Note:  These activities typically take two hours to complete.  Make sure you read the Student Manual all the way through before beginning so that you will be familiar with the material and fully understand what is expected of you.
Now take your steps into the cosmos by being a real astronomer!  Enjoy!
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