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Mrs. Webber's M/J Comprehensive Science 2 Classroom Page

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Learning Opportunities

    His inexhaustible reservoir of elaborate contraptions that mutated simple tasks into madcap feats of ingenuity made Rube Goldberg rich and famous. But he was also an all-around cartoon man and artist.
     Below are some famous Rube Goldberg machines from classic cartoons.  Enjoy!


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Tom and Jerry.  "Designs on Jerry."  Copyright MGM. 1955.
Looney Tunes.  "Hook, Line, and Stinker."  Copyright Warner Brothers Studios.  1957.
Animaniacs.  "Wakko's Gizmo."  Copyright Warner Brothers Studios.  1994.
Now that you have seen some Rube Goldberg machines created through the imaginations of cartoon writers and illustraters, below is a real Rube Goldberg machine.  How many transformations of energy can you find?
"Cog."  Copyright Honda Motor Company, Weiden+Kennedy Agency.  2003.
"National Geographic: Waking the Baby Mammoth."  Copyright National Geographic.  2009.
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