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Curating Curiosity

Greeting and Salutations!

In coming up with a name for our blog, my wife Desiree and I had to seriously examine what our lifetimes of collecting and learning really represented. We realized that a collection is not just an expression of OCD, keeping up with the Joneses, or a unique type of money-flipping; rather, it can also be an assemblage of items that represent history and culture. For example, Star Trek: The Original Series addressed sociological concerns of the time. So the preservation of props, icons, and writings from that series is also like looking through a porthole back in time (Wibbley Wobbley!). It follows, then, that our goal is to foster a forum of discussion about ideas, props, toys, collectibles, and ideologies that are rooted and relevant in science fiction, fantasy, and even action movies. We are looking forward to a productive and fun time, and hope you are too.

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