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Pre-Requisite Requirements for Mr. Webber's Science Classes

     Unfortunately, education today is very compartmentalized; that is, you learn a specific topic in a specific class and when the learning experience is over, you forget it.  Any discussion about the waste of that is for another time.  However, it does a disservice by not connecting the material in a real-world way.

     Science, however, is the study of the nature at all levels, so there is a connectivity among the disciplines is necessary and required.  Further, since mathematics is the language of the universe, mastery there is also required, especially in the physical sciences.

     Since middle school of your educational career you have learned about the scientific method, basic algebra and geometry skills, and significant figures.  You should have also been exposed to unit conversions.  It will be assumed that you have a basic knowledge of these topics.  Below are some resources to help you get back "up to speed" if necessary, or they may be assigned as homework.

     Do not dismiss your learning or the opportunity to become re-acquainted with that which you should know.  The purpose of education is to become an intelligent, well-versed, and thinking member of society.

Subject Review by Class
Have you taken Physics before and are now enrolled in one of Mr. Webber's Advanced Physics courses?  The following papers clarify some common misconceptions that can carry over from introductory courses.  Check your understanding. 
General Topic Review
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With a little practice, conversions become second nature and easy!  Click here for a list of metric prefixes to help you get started.
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