Mrs. Webber's Science Classes


Greetings from

Mrs. Webber

     Welcome!  It is my honor to be your guide as we continue your journey into the wonderful world of science.  We will be focusing on topics ranging from on our place in space down to the DNA that makes!  We will also be looking at the structure of our world, its history, and how we are impacting it. 

     Studying science is a big step in your educational careers, and it is an exciting time.  But it also requires more on your part.  You will be expected to put in at least an hour a day for this course and stay current with the pacing guides, just as if you were in a brick-and-mortar classroom.  You may want to put in additional time before DBAs to make sure you are prepared.

     I am looking forward to a great year.

Morgan the Manatee
says, "Don't forget to download and follow your pacing guides!"