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"I love you."

Wedding Kiss.jpg

"I know."

     Do you love each other to the Death Star and back?  Would you promise her all the tribbles in the galaxy?  Do you swear to your sweetie that there will be "no spoilers?"  Starlight Nights not only collects and curates but we can actually perform weddings (ordained through ULC)!  Would you like your vows read by a Jedi Master, a Timelord, or Princess Leia herself?  Perhaps with some of our props setting the mood?  Talk to us and we will be honored to be a part of your special day.
     Please remember that we are not qualified to be wedding or party planners, just be a part of the them.  As we say, "We are not event planners, but plan on us at your event!"


Where no man

had gone before!

Curators Thomas and Desiree were fortunate to actually get married on the bridge set of the Starship Enterprise.  To date, they are the only ones to have done so.  To see a video of the ceremony as well as a tour of the set, click here.

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Starlight Nights, LLC.  386-385-8608

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