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Mr. Webber's AP Physics C Class

Online Textbooks

Physics for Scientists and Engineers by Serway and Jewett


College Board Quantitative Skills in the AP Sciences


University Physics

OpenStax University Physics Volume 1 Thu
OpenStax University Physics Volume 2 Thu
OpenStax University Physics Volume 3 Thu

Caclulus Essentials for AP Physics C

Calculus Essentials for AP Physics C Thumbnail.jpeg

Motion Mountain

The Colours of Physics

by Christoph Schiller

Motion Mountain Volume 1 -- The Colours of Physics-Fall, Flow, and Heat Thumbnail.PNG
Motion Mountain Volume 2 -- The Colours of Physics-Relativity Thumbnail.jpg
Motion Mountain Volume 3 -- The Colours of Physics-Light, Charges and Brains Thumbnail.jpg
Motion Mountain Volume 4 -- The Colours of Physics-The Quantum of Change Thumbnail.jpg
Motion Mountain Volume 5 -- The Colours of Physics-Motion Inside Matter-Pleasure, Technolo
Motion Mountain Volume 6 -- The Colours of Physics-The Strans Model-A Speculation on Unifi

Math Reference Books

OpenStax Intermediate Algebra

OpenStax Intermediate Algebra Thumbnail.

OpenStax Algebra and Trigonometry

OpenStax Algebra and Trigonometry Thumbn

OpenStax College


OpenStax College Algebra Thumbnail.png

OpenStax Pre-


OpenStax Pre-Calculus Thumbnail.png

OpenStax Calculus

OpenStax Calculus Volume 1 Thumbnail.png
OpenStax Calculus Volume 2 Thumbnail.png
OpenStax Calculus Volume 3 Thumbnail.png

Calculus 2000 By H. R. Huggins

Project Gutenberg's Calculus Made Easy by Silvanus Thompson

Calculus 2000 by E R Huggins_Thumbnail.jpg
Project Gutenberg's Calculus Made Easy by Silvanus Thompson_Thumbnail.jpg

OpenStax Statistics

OpenStax Introductory Statistics Thumbna
OpenStax High School Statistics Thumbnai

Encyclopedia Of Mathematics (Science Encyclopedia)

by Tanton

Encyclopedia of Mathematics Thumbnail.jpg
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