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Speaking Engagements

Perhaps your interests are more academic in nature, or you would like our props to be accompanied by an informational talk.  The proprietors of Starlight Nights, LLC have over 40 years of combined experience teaching in both formal and informal settings, from universities to museums!  Get to know your curators below and see what they can do for your audience.  Because we are a non-profit, honorariums are on a donation-basis.

Desiree Webber

Ms. Webber is our resident Timelord and has over 20 years of experience in public education, both inside and outside of the classroom.  In addition to teaching , she has served as a district International Baccalaureate  (IB) Coordinator and school AVID Coordinator.  This background has given her the skills necessary to speak to a wide range of audiences.  Her passion lies in biology, specifically paleontology, and that enthusiasm is contagious to those in attendance.  She has talks on dinosaurs and ancient animals (including those found in Florida), Florida ecosystems, evolution, human environmental impacts, science in general for primary and secondary students, and classic science fiction.  "Wibbley-wobbley," you will want to make sure you have the "timey-whimey" to hear her speak!

Thomas Webber

Thomas Webber is an award-winning author and science writer, with a career in print, TV, and radio that spans over 25 years.  He holds advanced degrees in Physics and Mathematics, working in academia in the field of Theoretical High Energy Physics for 15 years.  He has also served as Planetarium Director at two facilities, including MOSH in downtown Jacksonville.  His skills as a writer have also allowed him to branch into the genre of science fiction, including Star Trek.  He has given talks at all levels on the science of science fiction, the physics of time, human space exploration (past, present, and future), astronomical happenings, and is even able to take guests on a tour of the current night sky.  Solar and nighttime telescope viewings are also possible.  You will definitely want to "beam" him into your next function!

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