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     As science teachers, we at Starlight Nights understand that fandom, fascination, and curiosity begin early in life.  To help nurture a love of life-long learning and also to fuel the imagination we offer three cute little guys that preschool students may interact with.
     Introducing "Ellie the Stegosaurus," "Grant the Apatosaurus," and "Malcolm the Triceratops."  These adorable, wee dinosaurs make excellent centerpieces at any event.  Further, two may also be ridden by small children (with parent or guardian assistance) for fun Jurassic pictures that will stand the test of time.
     To make the experience even more epic, two notable paleontology expertsare available, both for photo opportunities and to answer any dino-questions!
     Safety is always our number one concern.  While we are excited to have you enjoy our dinosaurs, we ask that young paleontologists be lifted on and off of them for pictures.  While anyone is welcome to pose with our dinosaurs or characters, there is an 80-pound weight limit for sitting on the props.  Thank you.

Pink Stegosaurus.jpg

Ellie the Stegosaurus

Malcolm the Triceratops


Grant the Apatosaurus

And please welcome Doc Tari, Day Z. Cutter, and Bo Diddley Squatt, cute little guys that will guard your cake or other table decorations for free.

Starlight Nights, LLC.  386-385-8608

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