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Starlight Nights

Curation and Collections

Where science and imagination meet, there is wonder...

     What happens when two science enthusiasts with a love of great storytelling and a lifetime of collecting decide to boldly go to new frontiers?  Starlight Nights Curation and Collections is formed -- an enterprise like no other!  With our combined knowledge and resources, we remember, restore, and protect collectibles from both the ordinary and the extraordinary.

     We recognize and value the role of cinema, TV, and literature -- as well as the merchandise born of them -- and how they influence both individuals and society.  These endeavors are an extension of the human imagination and also barometers of social and historical climates.  Such intellectual and collectible achievements are to be treasured, not discarded nor forgotten.

     Some of our collection may be showcased at other venues for a small fee to cover insurance, transportation, and set up.  Please contact us for more information.

     With over 50 combined years of science education in a variety of settings, we are also qualified to speak on a variety of different topics within science and science fiction.  Indeed, sharing our passions for collecting and science is the cornerstone of Starlight Nights.

     We invite you to explore what we have accomplished and maybe even learn some things along the way.  Enjoy!


Actual props in the "Starlight Nights Museum."  And there is so much more!

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To the Skies

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